I was a kindergarten and first grade teacher for two years, and spent many years babysitting, tutoring, and mentoring before that. I take a child-centered approach to my teaching and aim to build a relationship with each of my students in order to find what works best for them, tailor my lessons to their interests, and foster creativity, curiosity, and higher-level thinking (yes, even in the youngest students!). My philosophy is that teaching and learning should be seamlessly integrated into every part of our daily lives. Learning should be fun, social, and applicable.

I began teaching online on Outschool.com in March 2020, offering classes and private tutoring to elementary-aged children around the world. I love working with kids and making learning fun, and was so happy to see that my passion came through! – I received over 100 reviews and a five-star average rating.

“Kate is AMAZING! She is extremely organized and puts in a ton of effort before each class to really tailor the lesson to my son’s interests and needs. During class, she is extremely engaging, patient, encouraging and fun; my son always has an awesome time with her. Not only does he learn a lot, but he has a lot of fun with her during class! My 4 year old son has grown so much since he started working with her. We feel so lucky to have found Kate for our son!”

“Miss Kate is just the paramount of patience. I can only imagine how wonderful she is with her class. Her lesson plans are straightforward and simple and she manages to capture our little active 4yr old’s attention.”

“[Kate’s] one-on-one session is really good… I have only WONDERFUL things to say about it. We just had our first session with Miss Kate and the first thing Little A asked after the session ended was, “Can we see her again?” She went over a few letters, numbers, sounds and a sight word – what seems basic to us but very new for a 4-year-old. I went in not knowing what to expect and stepped away with only good things/expectations.”

“Delightful and kind teacher, lots of learning was accomplished in a small window of time. Singing, visuals, and class interaction really helped to keep my daughter engaged!”

You can view my Outschool teaching profile here: https://outschool.com/teachers/Kate-Gibson#us9jjLHVxP

For inquiries or rates regarding private virtual tutoring, please email me at kate@akgibson.com.