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Welcome to my website! My name’s Kate Gibson. I’m a 25-year-old Austin native, UC Berkeley Political Science grad, Teach for America 2018 Alumna (former kindergarten and first grade teacher!), and first-year law student at the University of Texas Law School. You can usually find me hiking or spending time in the sunshine, watching movies or reading articles, singing when no one’s listening (or everyone is), or at the airport hopping on a flight (when there’s not a global pandemic, of course). Stay healthy!


Kate’s Iceland Chronicles: COVID-19, Facebook Passport Recovery, and Ygritte Getting Stuck in Snow

When my boyfriend and I left for Iceland on the evening of March 8th, it seemed not only like a good decision, but a trip that was meant to be. Two days later, the world changed. I’m a kindergarten teacher. The week before spring break started on Friday, March 6th, was exceptionally busy for me. …

10/31/17 International Human Rights Essay: Culture as a Liability to Human Rights

The following essay was submitted on October 31, 2017 for my class PACS126: International Human Rights, taught by Professor Darren Zook at UC Berkeley. Culture as a Liability to Human Rights From the French headscarf ban to the Brazilian indifference toward infanticide, culture has been used across the world, in various situations, as a justification …


This page is a walk down memory lane, showing some of my performances across the years! Growing up, I took piano lessons for 11 years, and while it was never my true talent, I thank it for sparking my initial interest in music. My big debut was in 4th grade, when I played Sam Houston in a school musical about Texas history. Thanks to this breakout role, I realized that I love to sing and kept it up throughout middle school, high school, and college – and I plan to sing as a hobby for the rest of my life!

Drawn to Scale A Cappella at UC Berkeley, Fall 2014-Fall 2017

Duets with my friend, Sam Cristol

Berkeley’s Star Singing Competition: Fall 2014

Senior-Directed Showcase: My senior year of high school capstone project in 2014. I directed The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and performed as Olive Ostrovsky.

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Vimeo


Throwback Video: Me as Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods in April 2007

This is my performance in a law school parody musical, “JD Girls,” at UT Law in February 2023 during my third year of law school.


Follow my adventures at @kate.traveling!


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